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AC motors

AC shaded pole gear motors SPG

AC Shaded pole motors

The shaded pole gear Motors by SPG are a type of AC single-phase induction motors with “squirrel-cage” rotor.

Unlike the other AC motors, the Shaded Pole have only one winding, don’t require external capacitor and have a low starting torque. They don’t have outer casing and this allows them to be cheap while maintaining excellent reliability.


– Low noise level

– Available at 110/240 Vac 50/60 Hz

– Output speed from 0.9 Rpm _no to 80 Rpm

– Product available with di_erent ratios
reduction and output torque _ up to 34 Nm

– It is possible to customize the tree
transmission upon request

– The mechanics of the reducer can be
supported by bushings or bearings

– Thermal protection, 2 or 4 pulse encoder
and brakes as standard options


ac motors

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