New Fuji Electic Power Semiconductor Catalog

The updated Fuji Electric Power Semiconductors catalog is available and can be downloaded at the following link: Fuji Electric Power Semiconductors.

Fuji Electric’s IGBT modules (or insulated gate bipolar transistors) are high performance 7th generation IGBT / FWD chipset with a compact design that offers more power.

They are available in different models: modules from 1 to 12 IGBT, voltages from 600 V to 3300 V and currents from 10 A to 1200 A. Further variants include soldered or plug-in pins, versions with NTC thermistor and with a pre-applied TIM thermal paste. .

Fuji Electric IGBT Modules are also available in 7th generation X Series, which improves performance over the previous series, reducing size, increasing efficiency in operation as an inverter and allowing it to operate at higher temperatures.

Fuji Electric power semiconductors are used for various applications, such as industrial machinery, automobiles, railways, infrastructure, in the renewable energy and consumer electronics sectors.

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