Garnet has implemented its logistics and production processes thanks to the introduction of dedicated mobile robots, created as part of a collaboration with FasThink and Omron.

FasThink is a digital native company that deals with the integration of technologies for process improvement in logistics and manufacturing; Omron is a Japanese company, producer of components for industrial automation.

Thanks to the combination of Omron mobile robotics technology and FasThink’s pick to light, it has been possible to create an extremely versatile and flexible application, chosen by Garnet as further step towards the innovation of its Logistics and Production processes.

A mobile robot has been specially designed for our picking system to facilitate the goods mobilization from kit preparation to production. This mobile robot is completely autonomous and collaborative, able to find the path autonomously, carrying objects from one point to another in a designated area.

With this application by FastThink and Omron, we are able to implement our picking quality, spending less time for physical movement of products and more to qualified activities.

Thanks to the innovation and implementation of industry 4.0, we feel more and more ready to take up challenges that the market will reserve in the near future, and we are glad to be partner of innovative companies that use smart manufacturing technologies and industry 4.0.