IGBT modules for Online Ups: operating principle of uninterruptible power supplies

Online double conversion UPS systems are used for sensitive equipment protection (bank servers, hospital operating rooms, etc.) that require uninterrupted power supply during critical situations (example blackout).

When occurs a voltage drop at the UPS input, the system is still able to keep the output voltage perfectly stable.

The battery pack, which is continuously charged from the electricity network, has the purpose of intervening during blackout by supplying the load and ensuring service continuity.

The input mains voltage (220V / 380V) initially passes through a rectifier bridge which transforms it into direct current (DC) to recharge the batteries and, subsequently, passes through an inverter which transforms and stabilizes it into alternating current to power the batteries.

The By-pass network is used in the event of malfunctions and / or battery replacements.

image IGBT modules for high power UPS - Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric IGBT modules for Ups

Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of IGBT modules, inverters and power semiconductors also used for UPS uninterruptible power supplies.

The type of IGBT modules most suitable for uninterruptible power supplies depends on the power of the individual UPS:

  1. IGBT modules for low power UPS: Discrete;
  2. IGBT modules for medium and high power UPS: 2-levels and 3-levels topologies
Power / topologiesMEDIUM / 2-levelsMEDIUM-HIGH / 2-levelsHIGH / 2-levelsHIGH / 3-levels
Tensions (V)1200 – 1700650 – 1200 -17001200 – 17001200
Currents (A)50 – 250 A150 – 600600-1800650 / 900
PackageStandard / 6PackSTD / Dual XTPrime PackSTD / Prime Pack
image 9 IGBT modules for high power UPS - Fuji Electric
  • IGBT Modules for High Power UPS (2/3 Levels)
image 6 IGBT modules for high power UPS - Fuji Electric
  • 3-level systems:
image 8 IGBT modules for high power UPS - Fuji Electric

Advantages of using fuji electric IGBT modules

Fuji Electric’s seventh generation IGBT modules offer high performance, increased power and are easy to assemble.

  • Operating Tjop = 175 ° C: they provide a wider operating margin in temperature, (+ 25 ° C)
  • Lower Vcesat: lower conduction losses
  • Better switching behavior: the overall losses (Conduction + Switching) are improved by about 10%
  • New materials: to ensure high operational reliability
  • Higher Isolation: Face = 4000Vrms vs. 2500Vrms (V-series)
  • Greater future availability

Garnet is Fuji Electric’s official partner in Italy and UK and it’s able to support its customers by providing also software simulations, useful for correctly dimensioning systems. We also have the exclusive support from Fuji Electric Senior FAE Massimo Caprioli.

For more information about Fuji Electric IGBT modules for high power UPS you can download the catalog at the following link Fuji Electric Power Semiconductors and contact us at info@garnetitalia.com.