Our partner Fuji Electric released the new 6.3 version of its IGBT simulator software.

This software allows to simulate specific applications of power semiconductors, in order to compare and size different IGBT modules according to required parameters. With Fuji Electric’s IGBT simulator it is possible to calculate the generated loss and temperature rises of IGBT modules in various circuits, comparing the effects of parameter changes.

Versione 6.3 of IGBT simulator improved the generated loss calculation accuracy and allows calculation for 2-level circuits, 3-level circuits (T-type, I-type) and chopper circuits. Furthermore, supports various PWM modulation methods and calculation for specified heatsink and thermal conditions.

IGBT simulator
IGBT simulator


The IGBT simulator, version 6.3, it’s now available for free download. The software is released by Fuji Electric, is suitable for Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) and requires Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 or later.

Latest version 6.3 of user manual, updated to January 2022, it’s available at this link: FUJI IGBT Simulator Ver_ 6_3 User Manual

Latest version versione 6.3.2 of IGBT software can be downloaded at this link: Fuji IGBT Simulator


Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of IGBT modules, inverters and power semiconductors used for a variety of industrial applications. Fuji Electric’s seventh generation IGBT modules offer high performance, increased power and easy assembly.

For more information about power semiconductors and IGBT simulator software, please contact us at info@garnetitalia.com