Inertial measurement unit

Tamagawa presents FOG & MEMS combined IMU inertial measurement unit, the new sensor used to measure the position, acceleration and orientation of movements in three-dimensional space.

IMU (inertial measurement unit) is a system based on inertial sensors that allow you to monitor the dynamics of a moving vehicle.

Inertial measurement units have long been used in aeronautical, nautical and space applications, and in recent years they have also been integrated into self-driving self-driving cars, factory automation, construction, robotics, transport, etc. .

The FOG & MEMS combined IMU is the new synergy created in combination with MEMS and FOG, conceived with the aim of obtaining the accuracy of MEMS gyroscopes and FOG fiber optic gyroscopes in a single inertial measurement unit.

The new Tamagawa product actually incorporates a 3-axis gyroscope (i-FOG for the Z axis; the MEMS gyroscope for the X and Y axis) and accelerometers that measure angular velocity and acceleration, and calculate attitude. (roll and pitch) and direction.

mems 1 2 Inertial measurement unit FOG & MEMS combined IMU - new Tamagawa product

The Tamagawa inertial measurement unit is suitable for many applications, especially automatic ones and where a pilot is absent:

Self-driving driverless cars, in which the IMU measures the various types of movement in vehicle dynamics, attitude (roll & pich) and direction angle. An external GNSS module (global navigation satellite system) is connected to the IMU; with position and speed data, the IMU can be used as GNSS / INS / VS navigation.

  • Unmanned construction machines, in which the IMU, using gyroscope and accelerometer, offers a stable output in the presence of strong vibrations.
  • Unmanned agricultural machinery: the IMU detects the attitude (roll & pich) and the direction of the angle of the agricultural tractor. In addition, it is used for autonomous driving combined with a GNSS global navigation satellite system.
  • Safety robots: the IMU is used for attitude control in safety robots
  • Drones: the IMU is used for attitude control in drones.
  • Automatic guided vehicles (AGV), in which the gyroscope is used to ensure high driving stability
  • Trains: the IMU detects angular speed and acceleration to measure the stabilization and comfort level of a train, with information on the GPS position.
  • Ships, in which the IMU is used for inertial navigation and the detection of the movement of boats

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