Permanent magnets for flow meters

Flow meters are measuring devices used in civil and industrial water systems, essential for water consumption metering in primary hydraulic circuit (drinking water).

Most of the meters used for drinking water metering are “mechanical”: the flow meters are crossed internally by water flow that generates the movement of the impellers (in direct contact with the flow), which activate a series of internal devices called clocks, that calculate and measure the amount of water consumed.

Our permanent magnets are used inside the clock and on the impeller which is moved by water flow.

These are magnetic rings with high precision multipolar magnetization, made with materials resistant to oxidation and capable of delivering a sufficient magnetic circuit to ensure mechanical dragging between impeller and watchmaking.

Thanks to our partners innovative production technologies, we are able to supply magnets with overmolded plastic shaft, simplifing flow meters production processes.

Furthermore, the continuous magnetic materials developments allow us to keep up with the “potability” requirements for the use of magnets in drinking water.


Our magnets are also used as targets for hall sensors in new generation meters.

Magnet gives feedback to the sensor for each revolution and the sensor transmits the pulses to the electronics, accounting the volume of water.

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