Fastech expands its product line that uses the Ethernet communication protocol, the 100 Mbps high speed full-speed field bus.

A maximum of 254 axes can be operated from a PC through Ethernet communications. And daisy-chain connection is available thru internally equipped Ethernet HUB. All of the Motion conditions are set through the network and saved in Flash ROM as a parameter. Motion Library(DLL) is provided for programming under Windows 7/8/10.

ethernet%20 New Fastech products using Ethernet system

The stepper motors control system Ethernet’s family introduces Ezi-Servo II Plus-E ALL and Ezi-Servo II Plus-E MINI (with a miniature compact design), the motors with integrated electronic. Those motors are in addition to Ezi-Servo II Plus-E, the ones already present in the line of closed-loop vector control motors and having a separate electronics.
The advantage of integrated electronic motors is to mount the drive in the same compact device, so as not to have distances between the motor cables and the card that composes it.

The Ezi-Step family of open loop motors is also expanding with  Ezi-Step II Plus-E, a motor with no feedback signal that can be driven exactly like a traditional stepper motor with the additional function of being able to monitor any leakage of engine pitch if the speed is more than 300 rpm.

Ezi-motionLink Plus-E  is a network based motion controller plug-in to servo drives that uses ethernet communicatons.

Ezi-IO Plus-E modules are used to increase the availability of inputs and outputs. Ezi-IO Plus-E Series are products which provide Digital input and output module with Ethernet network so that customers can easily control many peripheral devices on the equipment as needed.

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