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DC motors

DC micro motors and reducers Canon

DC Micro Motors

The DC Micro Motors by Canon combine high performance to small size. They are available in brushless, coreless and iron core versions.

Brushless Motors

The Brushless Motors produced by Canon are very compact and provide high efficiency.
The range of products includes two types of motor: with external rotor for a high stability of rotation, or with internal rotor at high speed.
The latter model can be equipped with encoder and reducer.

Coreless Motors

The Coreless Motors provide high performance and small size. Their small moment of inertia produces a rapid response and a high degree of control. These motors are particularly suitable for applications on cameras and pumps of all kinds. Custom solution, as the addition of a reducer, are also available.

Iron Core Motors

The Iron Core Motors are designed in a wide variety of sizes and windings. They are suitable for many industrial and professional applications.



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