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Tamagawa Shaft Resolver

Tamagawa Shaft Resolver

Tamagawa Resolver is the standard for angular and velocity measurements in industry, automotive, robotics and aviation applications.

Frameless Built-in type of Brushless Resolver (Smartsyn) is used mainly in industry application as feedback sensor of electrical motor for long years, but it is also very suitable for specific aviation application.

These light weight, robust high reliability sensors are combined special gearbox and the sensor for command of Fly-by-Wire (FBY) system is used as Flap / Slat Skew Sensor, Wingtip Position Unit on High Lift System, and position sensor on Horizontal Stabilizer and others.

Tamagawa Brushless Resolver is a compact angular position sensor and designed for MIL standard. Single resolver with shaft & integrated ball bearing is the standard and realize high accuracy & resolution. This typical aviation angular position sensor is used for wide variety of applications. Size 08 and larger sizes are available.


  • Brushless configuration enables High Reliability;
  • Decades of experiences in the field of Aircraft application;
  • Small size & Lightweight;
  • Outer diameter from 20mm;
  • 2 poles winding 7V/3KHz;
  • Operating temperature up to +70°C;
  • Spur and planetary gearboxes available;
  • Provide cost effective approach;
  • Custom designs available.

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