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Tamagawa Fuel Gauging System

Tamagawa Fuel Gauging System

Optical fuel gauging system is an optical sensor measuring level of fluid system which uses optical refraction principle.

In air, light coming out from illuminators goes back to receiver because of complete reflection of prism.

In liquid, the light passes the prism and does not reach to receiver.

Photocells including illuminator, receiver and prism are put vertically to generate signal depending on liquid level.

Thanks to the technology developed by Tamagawa it is possible to connect up to 10 sensors each other.


  • Sensing Length 846mm (customizing);
  • Operating temperature range from -54°C to +71°C;
  • Input Power 28Vdc;
  • Design for detecting several types of liquids and fuels;
  • Sensor MTBF 100.000 hours;
  • Explosion Proof;
  • ARINC 429 serial bus for transmission data;
  • Compliance to TSO C55a; DO-160 standards

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