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Spring applied brakes - Kyowa Seiko

spring brakes

The spring brakes by the Japanese company Kyowa Seiko are safety brakes used in a wide range of applications such as industrial robots, servomotors, medical devices, etc.

They are used as holding brakes with an emergency function, as they generate a braking effect even in the absence of current.

When the electricity is cut off due to a blackout, power outage or a cable break, the brake closes and brakes autonomously, ensuring total safety.

This system offers very high performance and reliability and is available in different versions and sizes that can be customized according to the application type.


– Different sizes available

– Diameters from 30 ø to 120 ø

– Static friction torque from 0.32 to 17 N · m

– Used in medical devices, servo motors, electric wheelchairs, snow blowers, industrial robots, etc.


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