RVDT line for avionics

Thanks to the recent agreement signed with Tamagawa, we are pleased to introduce the RVDTs products designed, manufactured and supplied for avionics applications. 

RVDTs are angular position feedback units which provide voltage output signal proportional to device angular displacement to which they are connected. 

Thanks to their innovative “contactless” constructive structure, Tamagawa RVDTs are mainly utilized in applications subject to high vibrations and sudden temperature changes, for which our RVDTs guarantee high reliability, constant repeatability and high precision of output signals. 

conRDVT 2 RVDT line for avionics - Tamagawa

Tamagawa RVDTs are particularly light and compact and present the following technical characteristics: 

  • external diameters from 20 mm (Size 08) 
  • operating temperature from -55°C to + 85°C; 
  • accuracy from 0.2 degrees; 
  • input voltage from 7 Vrms; 
  • on-board connector available on versions for heavy applications; 
  • custom versions available upon request; 
  • compliant with RTCA DO-160G standard for avionics environmental testing. 

RVDTs have been part of Tamagawa range for over 20 years and thanks to their high reliability are utilized in modern Boeing 787 cockpits where Tamagawa RVDTs are utilized as crucial feedback unit in autopilot system transducers and on flaps of Gulfstream 550 aircraft. 

The range of products managed by Garnet dedicated to avionics and aerospace are completed by LVDTs, brushless motors, resolvers, electromechanical actuators, gyroscopes, fiber optic inertial sensors, “reaction wheels” and optical sensors for fuel control that we will present in the next, imminent, news.