Ezi-Servo II EtherCAT 4X / 8X stepping motor drives are part of Fastech’s Ezi-Servo family that uses the EtherCAT communication protocol, the high-speed (100 Mbps full duplex) fieldbus.

Ezi-Servo II EtherCAT 4X / 8X is an innovative integrated system with 4 or 8 axes for closed-loop stepper motors control, to which it is possible to connect four or eight motors, even of different sizes, to a single integrated module .

Ezi-Servo 4X / 8X motors use high resolution encoder capable of monitoring and updating the position of motor every 50µs, managing possible following errors and ensuring accurate positioning.

For example, due to a sudden load change, a conventional stepper motor could lose steps; Ezi-SERVO II Ethercat 4X / 8X, on the other hand, thanks to DSP (digital signal processor) technology and proprietary firmware, automatically corrects the position via encoder feedback.

  • 24 Vdc power supply
  • 3 dedicated inputs for each axis (limit +, limit-, home)
  • 1 output per axis (brake)
  • Resolution up to 20,000 steps / revolution “
  • EtherCAT slave module with CAN protocol support on EtherCAT (CoE)
  • CiA 401/402 drive profile support

The following video shows all the details on the Ezi-servo II EtherCat 4X / 8X motors and examples of different applications.

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