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Stepping motor controllers Fastech - Ezi-Servo II EtherCAT 4X

Stepping motor controllers

The Ezi-Servo EtherCAT family consists of a series of stepper motor drives with closed loop control using the EtherCAT communication protocol, the high speed field bus (100 Mbps full duplex).

Ezi-Servo motors use a high resolution encoder capable of updating the motor position every 25µs. Thanks to the DSP (digital signal processor) technology and the proprietary firmware, the drive always ensures the exact position, compensating for any change in the system such as a sudden change of load.

Ezi-Servo II EtherCAT 4X is an integrated four-axis module to which it is possible to connect four motors also of different sizes.


– CiA 402 Drive Profile Support

– Closed Loop System

– No Gain Tuning / No Hunting

– Compact 4 Axes Stepping Motor Drive

– Save Space / Reduce Wiring (Reduce Cost)

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