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Electric mobility

Rotary encoders and servo motors for railway systems - Tamagawa

sensors, servomotors and railway systems

Tamagawa is able to offer various products for railway systems application. From high-reliable speeds sensors over encoders for door-systems to servo motors for automatic barrier systems.

rotary encoders

In particular, extremely precise and high resolution rotary encoders (FA-CODER® as a brand) are used to operate in a functional and safe manner.

Various types of encoders are available from a small to a high resolution to meet all requirements.


Furthmore, servomotors system controlled by SV-NET network makes it possible to freely control speed, position and torque, and secure enhanced safety.

Tamagawa SV-NET servo system demonstrates simple yet highly functional motion control and it achieves total cost savings for customers who use medium and smaller systems by guaranteeing their system’s optimal performance capability and best possible functions.

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