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Incremental encoder FA-Coder Tamagawa

Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders generate pulses in a frequency proportional to the rotational speed.

The encoders can be used for speed control, position control, or as a rotation indicator or a pulse generator of servo motors mounted in machine tools, robots, or measuring equipment. Optical incremental encoders are composed of rotor plate, fixed slit, light emitting diodes, photo transistors, etc.

The incremental optical encoders FA-Coder by Tamagawa are available in full-digital, with square wave output signals, and in Sin-Cos version, with sinusoidal output signals.


– Resolutions up to 480,000 pulses/rev

– Bidirectional with zero reference

– Hollow shaft versions for use on electric motors

– Sin-cos versions with outer diameter 48mm and 100mm

– Shaft versions for use on automatic machines with numerical control

– Outer diameters up to 135mm

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