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Servomotor system for automotive production - Tamagawa

servomotors & production

Automated production lines often operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is therefore essential that the machinery is totally reliable and that products for this segment, in addition to contributing to productivity, are affordable.

Tamagawa products meet these requirements by being shock and vibration resistant even when used in harsh environments.

Tamagawa has also optimized its items to ensure maintenance-free reliability and excellent value for money.

servomotors & SV-NET network

Tamagawa servo motors are used in the automotive or 3C manufacturing market where precision, reliability and productivity are imperative.

In particular, a servomotor system controlled by the SV-NET network ensures that speed, position and torque can be freely controlled, guaranteeing greater safety.

SV-NET allows you to have an accurate control of vertical (up / down), oscillating (right / left) movements, and continuous directional changes.

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