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Smartcoder and brushless resolver used in construction and civil engineering field - Tamagawa

resolver, construction and agriculture

Productivity and cost effectiveness are important aspects for construction and farming. Machines become more fuel-efficient by using electrical hybrid-propulsion systems and becoming more and more autonomous by using high-accuracy control systems.

Tamagawa resolvers are being used in diesel-electric propulsion systems or the movement control for turning control of excavators, agricultural machines and other building systems.

resolver smartcoder

In particular Smartcoders (resolver/ digital converters) are used in this field, in combination with the brushless resolvers such as Smartsyn and Singlsyn.

martcoder is a R/D (Resolver to Digital) conversion IC, which converts resolver signals into digital absolute position angle signals. Low cost, small size and weight, satisfying fail check functions are just some of the features of smartcoders.

For more details see the Resolver / Digital converters (Smartcoder) product sheet.

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