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Brushless Resolver Smartsyn Tamagawa

Resolver brushless

Smartsyn is an angle sensor that converts angles of rotation into electrical signals.

Smartsyn is a brushless resolver based on an innovative winding method able to guarantee high efficiency and reliability with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Thanks to their high resistance even in extreme environmental conditions, they can be used for applications such as machine tools and industrial robots.


– Wide temperature range: -55 ~ + 155 ℃

– Superior environmental resistance: ・ Vibration: 196m / s2 {20G} at 10Hz .500Hz ・ Shock: 981m / s2 {100G} for 6ms

– High speed rotation

– High reliability

– Absolute position detection

– Compact, small and lightweight design

– Multipolarization is possible by increasing the angle multiplying factor.

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