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Variable reluctance brushless resolvers Singlsyn Tamagawa

variable reluctance brushless resolvers

The serie Singlsyn by Tamagawa is composed of variable reluctance brushless resolvers capable of detecting the angle of rotation of any moving shaft.

The simple mechanical configuration and the high quality standard allow the resolvers of the Singlsyn family to be used as sensors for speed and position in any work environment.

These resolvers, mounted on the electric motor or on the alternator, detect their angular rotation and send their sine/cosine analog signals to the analog/digital converter Smartcoder located inside the control electronics.

They are used on innovative hybrid cars where they are mounted on the electric motor and used for the traction and on the alternator. They are also used as transducers for the electric power-assisted steering (EPAS).


– Extremely Thin Shaped
Singlsyn has achieved smallest mounting space because of its extremely thin thickness as a built-in structure.

– Wide Temperature Range

– Robust for harsh Environments
Vibration : 196 m/sec2 (20G)
Shock : 980 m/sec2 (100G)
Humidity : 90% RH over

– High Rotational Speed
30,000 min-1 (rpm) (Large diameter type : 12,000min-1) Min.

– High Reliability
Singlsyn has the similar structure to electric motors but has high reliability because of no winding coil on its rotor.

– Sensing Absolute Position and Velocity
According to connection to a R/D converter or Smartcoder,it is capable of converting analog output signals of Singlsyn to digital position (angle) signals. The position signals are transmitted as the absolute position within a range of electrical one cycle.

– Low Cost
Especially low cost compared with conventional resolvers.



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