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SPG shaded pole gear motors for pellet stoves

gear motors function on pellet stoves

Pellet stove is an ecological and clean heating system, in which the production of hot air takes place through the combustion of pellets, usually obtained from wood processing waste.

A gear motor drives the screw conveyor, which picks up the pellets and lets it slide inside a burner. Here the pellet comes into contact with the flame and combustion takes place.

In this case, the gear motor has the function of supplying the combustion chamber with pellets through rotations, keeping the flame constantly alive.

SPG shaded pole gear motors

Motoriduttori a poli schermati SPG per stufe a pellet

SPG shaded pole gear motors are optimized for application on pellet stoves and pellet boilers.

Unlike other AC motors, these motors have only one winding, do not require an external capacitor and are unidirectional.

SPG’s shaded pole gear motors are 2-pole single-phase asynchronous motors, available from 0.9 Rpm up to 80 Rpm, with power up to 72 Watts. They are also available with output shaft and hollow shaft, which can be customized according to the application needs.

The SG series gearboxes guarantee operation up to the maximum torque of 34Nm with speeds starting from 0.9 Rpm.

  • Low noise level
  • Available at 110/240 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Output speed from 0.9 Rpm up to 80 Rpm
  • Product available with different reduction ratios and output torque up to 34 Nm
  • Customization of the transmission shaft upon request
  • The gearbox mechanics can be supported by bushings or bearings
  • Thermal protection, 2 or 4 pulse encoder, brakes as standard options


SPG gear motors, the Korean company leader in the design and manufacture of gear motors, are ideal not only for pellet stoves and pellet boilers, but also for many applications in the field of automation, in automatic machines, in household appliances, etc.

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