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Resolvers for precise piloting of boats and ships - Tamagawa

resolvers & boats

Tamagawa is committed to providing radar systems and hybrid propulsion systems for boats and ships.

Tamagawa resolvers are used as sensors for precise piloting of boats and for hybrid or electric eco-friendly propulsion systems.

A resolver is an angular sensor that emits the angles of rotation as two-phase AC voltages (analog signals). They have a simple design that allows a high environmental resistance compared to other sensors.

resolver brushless, synchro e singlsyn

Brushless resolvers and brushless synchro can be used to get accurate feedback on the position, speed and detection of motor poles.

Singlsyn resolvers have a high resistance to high temperatures, vibrations and shocks. They are ultra thin angular sensors that have greater reliability and lower cost because they do not have a coil on the rotor and can be installed in a minimum space.

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