Magnet assembly

With over twenty years of experience gained in the field, Garnet is the ideal partner for permanent magnets supply, and also for magnet assembly on mechanical parts (rotors of electric motors for various applications, pumps, couplings), from the prototype phase to serial production.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to choose with extreme flexibility the best process and the best materials to optimize the final performance on each component. We supply and size the magnet (designed by our partners) and implement all the magnet assembly processes.

Once technical feasibility has been confirmed, we provide our customers the following technologies for assembly or mounting our magnets:

  • Magnets assembly or insertion on electric motor rotors by gluing or resin coating;
  • Rotors casing with steel tubes;
  • Bandages with pre-impregnated glass fiber tapes or heat shrinkable tubes;
  • Dynamic balancing;
  • Bi-component molding (plastic magnets with plastic inserts);
  • Co-molding and over-molding of magnets.

The R&D activities, in collaboration with our partners, allow us to always provide new technical solutions to improve our components production efficiency and quality products.

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