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Stepping motor controllers Fastech - Ezi-ServoII EtherCAT MINI

Stepping motor controllers

Ezi-SERVOII EtherCAT MINI is a closed loop stepping motor control system using EtherCAT communication protocol, the high-speed field bus (100 Mbps full duplex).

How the name suggests, it is a space-saving product with the advantage of a ‘Miniature Compact Design’.

Ezi-SERVOII EtherCAT MINI utilizes a high-resolution motor mounted encoder constantly to monitor the current position. The encoder feedback allows the Ezi-SERVOII EtherCAT MINI to update the current position every 50 μsec and to allows it to compensate for the loss of position, ensuring accurate positioning.


– CiA 402 Drive Profile Support

– Closed Loop System

– No Gain Tuning / No Hunting

– Miniaturized Compact Size

– High Resolution / Fast Response

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