Rare earths are a group of 17 chemical elements of the periodic table considered strategic material for the production of permanent magnets used in many industrial sectors.

In particular, sintered neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are the most popular on the market.

The alternative magnetic materials available can be samarium-cobaltcompressed plasto-neodymium and injected plasto-neodymium (bonded and injection molding), also available on ferrite base, and magnetic materials in aluminum-nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo).  


Rare earths price trend are stable but tending to rise. For this reason we recommend our customers to hurry up and plan their orders right now so as not to impose increases in the coming months.

We also report daily number of Omicron cases in China has increased slightly, particularly in Shanghai. However, the local government has decided to gradually restore public transport starting from May 22nd, hoping to reach full operation by mid-June.

In Beijing, the situation is relatively stable. Strict social distancing measures are still applied throughout the city, and citizens of Chaoyang, Shunyi, Fangshan and Fengtai districts still work from home.

A very small number of cases have been recorded in Tianjin and other major cities. Warehouses, ports and terminals work normally.

The road traffic problem in Ningbo continues to get wors and the trucks queues waiting to deliver goods extend for miles in the port area of ​​Beilun.

All warehouses in port area are forced to reduce goods amount that can be received to alleviate this situation. So far, no closures of international seaports, airports or railway stations have been reported.

Due to the particularity of the situation, we advise our customers to schedule orders well in advance, so as not to incur in excessive delivery delays.

Our Sales Department remains at your complete disposal to help you plan your next magnet purchases.

Shown below is the main raw materials prices update used for rare earth-based magnets production, indicated in RMB / Ton in the following graphs.

Praseodynium – Neodymium Alloy:

pr nd alloy Rare earths price trend - May 2022

Dysprosium – Iron Alloy:

dy iron Rare earths price trend - May 2022


cobalto Rare earths price trend - May 2022