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Fluid dynamics

Ezi-SPEED Agitator - Fastech

speed control system for agitator

Ezi-SPEED of Fastech family  is a speed control system for BLDC motors.


The following video shows Ezi-Speed ​​applied to an agitator. The demo uses two different densities, water and rice.

Thanks to a clear control panel and integrated buttons, the motor starts by a simple switch operation, always having a perfect overview of the parameters in real time, including actual motor speed and
percentage load.

Motor speed can vary from a minimum of 50 rpm to a maximum of 4000 rpm. Even after a sudden load change, the set speed is manteined constant by the efficient current control.
With a simple switch operation it is also possible to change the direction of rotation even while the motor is running.


For more information, see the product page BLDC motor speed control system”

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