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Brushless resolvers and synchro brushless mounted on submarines - Tamagawa

resolvers & submarines

Even in the deep sea Tamagawa resolvers make it possible to precisely use equipment like robot-arms mounted on research submarines.

A resolver is an angle sensor that outputs rotational angles as two-phase AC voltages (analog signals). It features structurally high environmental resistance compared to other sensors due to its simple design comprised of only an iron core and a coil.

Brushless resolvers and brushless synchros can be used for high accurate feedback of position, speed and pole detection of motors.

brushless resolvers

Tamagawa brushless resolvers have an innovative and patented automatic winding system, that ensure high efficiency and reliability with an excellent value for money.

Resolver Synchro

Synchro is a type of rotary electrical transformer that is used for measuring the angle of a rotating machine.

The principle of a Synchro is similar to that of an electrical transformer, except that the iron core of the Synchro consists of a rotor and a stator.

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