Function of gearmotors for slush machines

Summer time and slushy time…

But what there is behind a very tasty slushy?

Slushes are drinks made from flavored pulverized ice. The key distinction between a slush and other frozen drinks is that ice never freezes into cubes or blocks, but remains tiny ice crystals.

Most modern commercial slush machines consist of a compressor and a cooling cylinder sealed inside a transparent glass container. Slight amounts of ice build up on the cylinder and the auger removes it so that more ice can be created.

This frozen mixture is continuously circulating in the storage area, through a circular screw or plastic mixing vanes, to maintain the ice mixture consistency at a temperature that does not allow further freezing or melting.

The mixers or spirals, make the slushy move in the machine. The mixer inside the slush machine rotates thanks to an electric motor connected to a system of gears.

SPG gearmotors specific for slush machines:

Gearmotors for slush machines spg

Our partner SPG manufactures specific gearmotors for this type of application.

Gearmotors for slush machines are AC shaded pole gear motors , with 33 Rpm and 40 Rpm speed. Versions with BLDC brushless motors are available.

Our partner SPG is able to create customized mechanical and electrical solutions according to all application needs.

They are also able to provide customized AC and DC solutions for liquid mixing applications such as milk shake machines.

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