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Stepping motor controls Stögra

Stepping motor controls

The stepping motors controls by Stögra are available in bipolar chopper version for the control of two-phase stepper motors, in both serial and parallel configuration.

They are available in microstepping and smart positioner version, allowing for the movement and positioning of the motors on any type of automatic machine.

Programmable version are also available, which can handle 8 free inputs, 4 dedicated inputs and 2 free outputs, with possibility of expansion.


– “Housing” version with direct power supply from single-phase network 230 VAC -50 / 60 Hz (325 V DC on the motor), phase current up to 6A/phase.

– “Housing” version with power supply up to 80 VDC and phase current up to 8A/phase

– “Eurocard” version with power supply up to 240 VDC and phase currents up to 14.4A/phase

– Adjustable resolution up to 12,800 pulses/rev

– “Rotation motor” function for loss of steps control

– Programmable smart drives in “Eurocard” format with power supply up to 240VDC

– 19-inch rack in anodized aluminum with or without power supply unit (500 VA max-input 220VAC / output up to 120VDC) and with a maximum of 5 slots for drives

– Custom versions available


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