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Stepping motor controllers Fastech - Ezi-Servo II Plus-E


Ezi-Servo II is an innovative closed loop stepper motor drive system with Ethernet communication protocol.

It uses a high resolution encoder capable of updating the position of the motor every 50µs, thus ensuring accurate positioning and compensating for any system variation such as a sudden load change.

Ezi-Servo II Plus-E with Ethernet protocol communications has replaced the previous Ezi-SERVO Plus-R model with RS-485 communication system, ensuring a 10 times faster response time thanks to the Ethernet interface.

(NB: Fastech’s Ethernet products are compatible with RS-485 products. (GUI, DLL))


– Embedded controller

– Ethernet interface

– Position table

– Closed circuit system

– No Gain Tuning / No Hunting

– High resolution / fast response

– Heat reduction / torque improvement

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